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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


  • Cheat Engine 5.5
  • Firefox
  • Flash 10

Coin hack steps:
1.Go to Happy Baby

2.Jump to the rope and put the hex BE 01 00 00 00 F2 0F 2A EC F2 0F 58 C1 F2 0F 11 HEX / 8BYTES/ASROM

3.Dissamble the second or third line and mov esi, exchange it for 0,000,001 mov esi, 00000000

Trophy cheat steps

1. Entered the game after the failure of company (level 4 or above in order)
2. Cheat Engine v5.5 interface, click the top left of bits "Computer icon and select your browser's" then "Open"
3. Cheat Engine v5.5 check settings (Hex.8 bytes.Also Read Only Memory)
4. 4. Copiar dirección 000001BE3043100F Copy URL 000001BE3043100F
5. Seized after the address, the right to select "Remove this region of memory"
6. Cvtsi2sd xmm1, xmm6 right select "Change register at this location" → "Yes"
7. Evoke "ESI" type 3E8 → "OK" (to jump more than 1000 times)
8. Back to the game even more with the pet, jumping rope, you can make a successful jump
9. After re-enter the game twice, you can have a great leap for the permanent trophy.

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